All the fun of the fair….twice!

As a child when I knew there was a fair coming to town I would be on tenterhooks for days as I was so excited. Then the day would dawn and accompanied by my mum I’d clutch my precious pennies in my hand and enjoy the mad, loud, brightly coloured and mystical world of the fair 🙂

So you can imagine how I felt when I’ve known for weeks that there was going to be a pop up vintage fair at Islington town hall on Sunday 24th June, particularly as this was my first pop up.  For some unknown reason when I got dressed in comfortable jeans, top and trainers – (I’d read somewhere it was best not to go vintage at fairs in order not to show your enthusiasm to sellers)- I found I was incredibly uncomfortable. It just didn’t seem right not to be properly dressed so out came the utility jeans, bowling shoes and fitted jumper and the outfit was completed with a tied headscarf and matching earrings – much better 😛

The fair proved to be small but well attended both by sellers and buyers/visitors. There was a good mix of clothing and jewellery and a nice smattering of oddities such as those involved in designing recycled stationery from old storybooks. I was delighted to have a chat with Jane Fairhead of Fairheads Headwear. Her hats and “frivolities” were so glamorous looking. My hair is the bane of my life and I have been looking for 1940s/50s headgear that will still be fit for 2012 living. I’ve yet to see many fine vintage examples of a particular headband design that sits at the back of the head like this or this – and so I was delighted upon Jane telling me that she can make designs to order – watch this space as I will definitely be in touch ;-).

The lovely Jane of Fairheads at Islington town hall’s Pop up Vintage Fair

Just when I was thinking about settling down to an afternoon tea courtesy of their pop up tea room, Jane mentioned that there was another fair on today! The Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair at the Old Finsbury Town Hall was just 20 mins away so how could I say no! Fortunately my sister is very long-suffering and likes clothing so was more than happy to venture forth.

Ohhhhh it was like Christmas had come early 🙂 There were three rooms filled with clothing from all eras including my beloved 40s and 50s of course. Beautiful frocks – day and evening, suits, shoes and handbags to erm and ahhh over. If money had been no object I would gladly have filled my wardrobe.  The majority of the sellers were friendly and happy to chat although there were one or two who just seemed determined to be miserable – clearly it was all about the money with them and they just didn’t want to spend time with people just having a browse (strange attitude to take at a fair!!)

Just one of the packed out rooms of goodies at the Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair

I contented myself with those who were happy to chat and show their goodies such as the spectacles stall, or the vintage handbags and I know that I will be looking out for them again next time – and they’ll be the ones that I will want to buy something from. Having recently bought two new vintage dresses I couldn’t let the purse strings go so settled for some gorgeous jewellery accessories and resting my aching feet over a great cuppa, a well deserved toasted sarnie and some fab cream cup cakes from the tea room.

Some pretty brooches to liven up a few outfits

All in all a very good day out and I can certainly see these fairs being fixtures in my calendar!


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