Hello and welcome to Modern Living – Vintage Loving! 

Well what’s a girl to do! Now that vaping is the thing I’ve had to rethink the name of my blog. So welcome to the new name and new look “Modern Living – Vintage Loving”.
I hope that it reflects my love of the past and working it into my modern life.

The old name of the blog, for those of you just finding me, was “Vintage Vapours – Fits of passion for vintage fashion!” It was started long before vaping became a thing and was based on the old fashioned meaning of having the vapours which meant a mental frenzy over something. And anyone who’s ever seen me with a new pair of shoes will know exactly what I mean lol!

So we’re in the noughties and frankly the fashion isn’t that appealing to me. Don’t get me wrong it looks pretty fab on a lot of people but maybe I’m just an awkward shape (with a hooge bum!).  When it comes to my attire I like to think of myself as a modern girl with old-fashioned tendencies. My mother has said that since I was a child I dressed however I like, usually far more adult than my own age, and never cared if I was the odd one out.
I’ve always liked to look smart and take every opportunity to dress up in a style which suits me. And that’s the key isn’t it – fashion may come and go but style, ah that’s what personally suits and stays the pace with you.

Slipping into the past at the Festival of Vintage

The 1940s and 1950s screamed style – as soon as I saw my first big petticoat and swing dress I knew I’d found what I needed for to feel glamorous and when I encountered my first set of proper jeans I was in seventh heaven.

So now I blog, (very modern!) about living in a modern world with yesteryear dress sense, the music and the events. Feel free to read on and join me in my ever continuing style quest!

Yana x

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