Hair today….wishing for glamour tomorrow!

Victory rolls, pin curls or well filled snoods – all these I can but dream of since I have the shortest hair imaginable which just refuses to grow more than an inch in six months!

Added to this, being of Afro-Caribbean descent, my hair has its own issues to contend with such as weak ends and frizzy roots. Most of its problems are kept under control through the amazing skills of my fave hairdresser, but not to the extent that it will do exactly what I want it to 😦

So how does a girl like me manage to keep up with the vintage hairdos? Well the answer is very poorly I can assure you! I am forever Googling new images or Youtube videos for hints and tips but not getting very far.

In desperation I have gotten into the habit of sticking colourful accessories into my hair. Whether an Alice band to match my dress or jeans, an orchid for the tropical dance, a glitzy red diamante number for an evening out, or paper and cloth flowers that I like to twist around hair clips and fix behind one ear. If it adds a hint (and I do mean just a hint) of girly chic then I am happy to try it out.

Pretty things for my hair

Unfortunately there aren’t any women old enough to have been sweet sixteen or older in the 1940s or 50s in my immediate family so I haven’t been able to glean any information that would help me with the hairstyles or how they coped. So if you have REALLY short hair, and particularly if you are a Black woman interested in the 1940s and 50s and have some solutions or memories I’d be so pleased to hear from you and how you do your hair.

Hints and tips, videos, photos….they are all very very welcome so please do get in touch. Now that my hair is below my ears  I am off to the hairdresser again and hoping that she may be able to work some miracles!


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