I was led by my nose – and it was wonderful!

I have a list of "beautiful experiences" I wish to go through and as I get older, and my budget allows, I am working my way through them. This year I turn 50 years old - still not sure how I got to what I've always considered was a sensible age, yet still don't feel … Continue reading I was led by my nose – and it was wonderful!

A gift from my Fairy Godmother

It’s official - I have a fairy godmother and her name is *Miss CandyFloss!😁 The good folk there wanted me to have another dress after I reviewed their Victoria-Rose. So they sent me a stunner of a dress - the Natalie-Gia.   There are moments in childhood which stick with you - as a child … Continue reading A gift from my Fairy Godmother

A rose by any other name

I’m  a lady who loves her 50s style circle skirts and dresses  - so a floor-length fairly straight dress was never going to immediately draw my eye.Until I was well and truly persuaded otherwise by the folks at Miss Candyfloss* who tempted me with the hidden and extremely full skirts of a rose – the … Continue reading A rose by any other name

A thoroughly modern model!

Covid-19 really forced many of us to rethink how we do things. After all when you can't get more than a handful of people into one room - and need 2 metres between them things get tricky! It's certainly encouraged people and companies to get creative so I was pleasantly surprised to be asked by … Continue reading A thoroughly modern model!