If the shoe fits… I’ll take three pairs!

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”… Marilyn Monroe

I have many passions in life and they come and go – like my handbag collection which used to be my all consuming interest but is now a mere bagatelle. But there is one love which has remained constant throughout the years – my love of shoes 🙂

A recent clear out resulted in three in the dustbin, 16 off to the local charity shop and just 57 pairs left (not counting the trainers and knee high boots). Once I discovered the world of vintage it was just a matter of time before vintage footwear began to appear in my footcloset. I use that term lightly as I actually mean new/reproduction – footwear is like underwear – too personal to have had a previous owner as far as I am concerned!

My favourite pair is a Remix blue and white laceup set that goes brilliantly with anything navy whether jeans rolled up at at the hem, wide leg navy trousers with deep turnups or a blue and white pinstripe pinafore trousers. With a low wedge heel they are incredibly comfy and easy to be in all day whether that’s to the office, out for dinner or dancing all day and night 🙂

Shoes glorious shoes! – vintage reproductions

And there in lies the reason most of my vintage shoes come from Rocket Originals. This firm prides itself, quite rightly, on remaking shoes based on original designs from the 1940s and 1950s. And knowing that many people will be using them for dancing sometimes add in a few new features such as cushioned innersoles so you can keep going the whole night long. I can certainly testify to how brill their shoes are having rocked around the clock at events like the Rhythm Riot which is a full weekender.

Rocket Original designs are, fortunately for me, just within my price range and not as exorbitant as some of the shoes I have seen out there. I would love to buy more shoes from Re-Mix which is a USA based company but their prices are out of this world, not to mention shipping costs 😦  I’ve visited Johnson’s Shoes, here in the UK, which is where I got my Re-Mix set from but he doesn’t have many choices/styles and the prices can be a bit steep as he also has to import them (but my pair are worth every penny!).  Revival is a new one on the scene, and they recently opened a shop in London. They have some good styles – particularly if you are in to the 1920s and 30s, and the prices do vary between what I think is pretty reasonable to the “I need a sugar-daddy” level lol!

Vintage-inspired footwear is also something I keep an eye out for and last year found myself buying the same pair in three different colours as I’m a firm believer in grab it while you can cos you never know when it will disappear and not come back! Believe it or not these beauties are Hush Puppies 😛

If you love it and the price is right then why stop at one colour??

I am always on the lookout for places to shop for vintage-looking shoes so do drop me a line if you know of any more please.


One thought on “If the shoe fits… I’ll take three pairs!

  1. Hiya, It’s Rowena from Revival Retro in London. Thanks for the mention and I’m glad you like our shoes. We are firm fan’s of Re-Mix Vintage Shoes and have a growing selection in store but we are constantly on the lookout for additional brands we could stock; particularly in the mid price range. We are always glad to hear recommendations of what you would like to see in store.

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