If life gives you lemons … wear them with style!

Spring has officially sprung so I thought I’d mark the occasion with a bright outfit. And I certainly got that with these items from the new season at Collectif. The Matilde lemon skirt and Cordelia blouse were purchased on a whim and I’m happy to say it’s not a regret purchase at all.

I don’t often write reviews – mainly because I forget! But as I had a spare half an hour I felt inspired to get writing. First the colours – the printed skirt is a gorgeous deep warm yellow rather than super bright yellow and it’s broken up on the black with white polka dots and green leaves. The black, I feel, is nicer than a white background as it makes it a skirt I’m more likely to wear throughout the year rather than just the warmer months. The Cordelia top is a lovely matching yellow. If you don’t want to buy another yellow top and already own the yellow Lorena from Collectif I can tell you that’s a definite match too, as it’s the same fabric. Both are ideal as they have elastane which gives a nice stretch for creating shape.

And let’s talk shape – the Cordelia is like something out of a 1950s film! The cut is perfect for that 50s look with the wide collar and slightly dropped shoulder. It dips down in the back with a neat little bow at the very back. As it has a side zip and is made from cotton with stretch, it fits to your figure beautifully (especially, if like me you like wearing vintage style underwear too).

The Matilde skirt is one of my favourite styles from Collectif. It’s very cleverly designed to be shapely but not tight at the top, before opening out into a wider circle skirt at the hip and below. It makes it perfect for popping a petticoat under, if like me, you’re so inclined. This skirt is also a lovely thick fabric with stretch – and best of all it has pockets!


I teamed mine with What Katie Did yellow seamed stockings, black shoes, belt and a selection of appropriate bangles from Splendette. I know that hair snoods are far more a 40s look than a 50s look but I love them. And as I’m a modern girl I don’t feel I have to restrict myself in my enjoyment of dressing in a vintage way. So I’m also wearing a new snood by Gin Poodle, which is black with silver frosting. This along with flowers gives me a nicely finished look.


At this point as we’re talking about hair styles I want to introduce you to “Do The Twist” by Amy.
She created the most amazing headscarves after chopping her hair off in lockdown – and had so much interest that she took the plunge and started her company. These twisties make it easy for you to style your hair if you like to cover it or are having a bad hair day.
Amy also bought this skirt after a little encouragement from me 🙂 and then created the perfect matching twistie which is going to be in her shop soon so please do keep an eye out for it as another great way of finishing off your lovely outfit.

So there you have it – why not suck it up and spring into the new Season!


Yana x

For reference: I wear a size 12 in Collectif – which both these pieces are. (I only tend to size up to a 14 if the dress is boatneck style, very close fitting in the upper body and has no stretch as I have broad shoulders). 

Outfit details:
Matilde Skirt, Cordelia top  – Collectif Clothing
Petticoats – Banned 
Bangles – Splendette 
Brooches –Erstwilder
Hair snoods – Gin Poodle
Stockings – What Katie Did
Belt – Hell Bunny

4 thoughts on “If life gives you lemons … wear them with style!

  1. You always manage to look amazing and as if it took very little effort. Thank you for introducing us to Amy and “Do the Twist” I’ll certainly be buying from her website soon as I’m growing my hair and it is in the in between stage and does look good. Thanks for the inspiration Yana.

    1. Thank you – that’s lovely of you to say so. I think Amy has a great product – she did a video on her site that showed how to put one on and look glam in just 15 seconds! I was totally amazed. Am sure you’ll look fab in one of her twisties

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