One size does not fit all… so thank God for alterations!

There’s that spine tingling moment when you look across a shop or vintage fair and spot a dress, skirt, pair of trousers or shoes. Whatever it is you KNOW that it’s perfect and your life will be complete as soon as you get your hands on it. But when you’ve fought your way through the crowds fervently praying no one else spots the prize you suddenly get an inkling that the sizing may be off – and once in the changing rooms your fears are confirmed – BOOHOO 😦

For  me this happened once too often – this time my fave online shop for trousers (Heyday) was having a one day sale on abserlootley everything. I now buy all my trousers from Shona as having tried others I have found her cuts are shapely, the fabric is great quality and it all hangs beautifully. Occasionally I have found that a size in one colour can be slightly better fitted than another which I put down to the fact they are not mass produced – and it’s not enough of a difference to cause any problems.

The sale was mad and sizes were disappearing fast 😦 Having lost over a stone I am between sizes for a lot of clothing let alone “vintage look” gear so had to take the chance on a bigger pair as that was the last size available. Unfortunately as soon as they arrived I just knew they would be too big but I couldn’t bring myself to part with them.

Instead I decided it was time to visit the world of “alterations” and found Clive of Face-T clothing and alterations, just yards, or is that metres, as the crow flies from me, in the picturesque Olde Watermill and shopping village in Barton-Le-Clay, Bedfordshire.

I took along two pairs of trousers – one to be taken in and one to be let out from my skinnier days! On hearing my request Clive lifted a sceptical eyebrow and said “Let out – on women’s trousers? and just where are we going to find the extra fabric for that?”. But upon inspection he crowed with delight; “Now you don’t often see that – an allowance in the back seam that you usually only get on mens. Whoever made these really knew what they were doing.”

Clive is an avid designer and likes nothing more than creating designs and helping customers achieve the perfect fit. He said: “Seeing you standing here in all your old style clothing takes me back to when I was a kid -I remember seeing my mum in all these fashions [1950s] and I’ve been noticing that it’s all making a comeback. At Face-T we can, and have, made it all from scratch and ensure you get a really personal and flattering fit.”

Just a few days later and for a very reasonable price I now have two more pairs of classic looking trousers which fit fabulously 😛

  Here’s a classic look for me – Heyday trousers, Vivian of  Holloway top, and  Remix shoes (the glass of wine is not always included!)

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