A gift from my Fairy Godmother

It’s official – I have a fairy godmother and her name is *Miss CandyFloss!😁
The good folk there wanted me to have another dress after I reviewed their Victoria-Rose.
So they sent me a stunner of a dress – the Natalie-Gia.
There are moments in childhood which stick with you – as a child I recall watching in awe as Cinderella’s fairy godmother creates a stunning dress for her to wear to the ball. 
When I received my parcel from Miss Candyfloss and pulled out this dress, I felt transported back to that magical childhood moment. Shaking it out before me brought back those feelings of delight at seeing something so exquisite, beautifully detailed and certainly out of the ordinary.
It is no surprise really just why the Natalie-Gia makes me feel like I’m in a fairy tale. At its heart it is truly feminine. It has two golden layers to the underskirt and a third layer on top which is a see through mesh or tulle, generously embroidered with warm forest green, fuschia and cream flowers and a touch of sequins too. As if that wasn’t enough the dress is topped off with a long green scarf which is attached at each point above the bodice and cascades lightly down each side.
Everything about this speaks to my feminine 1950s heart too. I don’t think it’s too big a leap to say the great Christian Dior himself would love it. Indeed it’s the kind of dress Edith Head, designer to the big films, could also have created when people dressed for dinner and evening drinks. It must be the addition of the scarf! It’s not detachable but arranged in such a way that you can adjust how you wear it – crossed at the front, loose, tied at the back.
With the way that each piece flutters in the breeze it’s a statement dress, perfect for special occasions like attending a wedding, a ball, and of course cocktails any time, anywhere!
Choosing a size in Miss Candyfloss is relatively painfree as their website gives the full range of measurement in each size that the item will fit, as well as advice on whether it’s true to size. I chose size M and it fits perfectly. There is no stretch in the dress and it’s very soft so moulds quite well to your body. The bodice is low cut and I found a balconette type bra worked best so that the top of the cups and the straps didn’t show. You could of course wear a strapless bra.
The golden layers of the skirt make it very full and have that rather satisfying weight you get from knowing you are properly attired. They’re great for twirling, and as an added bonus I found it easily accommodated my fullest petticoats, which I love wearing, and give it that added wow factor. (My instagram account will have a reel/post on it featuring the twirl in full flow!). 
This dress zips up the back, again, high enough to hide your bra, and the shoulder straps have two covered buttons each, at the back, so you can adjust them. The full skirts flow from a fitted bodice and waistline.  I’m 5ft 6ins and the dress falls to slightly longer than mid calf, almost but not quite ankle length, which I think is an elegant length for occasion wear.
The dress also comes with a belt, which has proper holes in it so it won’t slide undone. As there are no belt loops it’s just as easy to leave off but if you keep it on you can also tuck your scarf into it if it’s too windy. 
Where the scarf joins the dress there are the beautiful details you would expect of a Miss Candyfloss dress. In this case there are soft perfectly formed tiny bows. As if all this wasn’t enough – yes the dress also has pockets!
The golden colour is gorgeous and I can imagine is extremely flattering for most skin types/colours as it won’t leave you looking washed out. I loved the richness of the fabric and the details of the over-layer. It gave me a good choice for accessories. Today I went with glittered bangles to pick out each of the flowers, with green suede ankle strap shoes and a green cashmere wrap (a wrap is always so useful when a coat is just too much!).
I added a honey-golden reproduction vintage handbag, forest green snood and golden hair flowers to complete the outfit. I can also imagine dressing it with other accessories focusing on the fuchsia.
My thanks to Miss Candyfloss for sending me a dream of a dress which I will enjoy wearing🧚‍♀️
Margo x

Dress: Natalie-Gia gifted by Miss Candyfloss
Shoes: Rocket Originals
Snood: GinPoodle

*In the interest of being open, this dress was gifted to me by Miss Candyfloss who asked me for an honest review. All the views are my own and an honest opinion of the dress, without any input from Miss Candyfloss.



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