I was led by my nose – and it was wonderful!

I have a list of “beautiful experiences” I wish to go through and as I get older, and my budget allows, I am working my way through them. This year I turn 50 years old – still not sure how I got to what I’ve always considered was a sensible age, yet still don’t feel much older, although definitely got old age symptoms popping up here and there (thanks arthritis!) 🙂
One I have long wanted to try is Penhaligon’s. It is a sanctuary dedicated to the essence of feeling good through perfume and scents for ladies and gentlemen.
For years I have wanted to venture into its hallowed portals but both cost and time have prevented me! But in this 50th year I am all about seizing the day and certainly treating myself.
Whilst a Dior J’adore girl till my dying day, thanks to the Great Man’s creation following WW2 and the New Look, I wanted to mix it up a little and Penhaligon’s did not disappoint. From the moment I stepped into the Brighton store, where I was greeted by Fabio, I knew this would be an exquisite experience.
He gently questioned me on my likes and dislikes (not too sharp, no musk, warm, deep not a sharp citrus) my occasions (evening wear and special occasions) how I want to feel (feminine, special). The poor man  had a tall order as I wanted many things from my perfume, equally I had a list of things I didn’t want. I did know that I wanted a perfume that would be warm, deep and make me feel special.
Yet Fabio patiently weighed up my comments and then advised me as I was bewildered by the wealth of fragrances to choose from. He chose three, two very similar and one wildcard. One didn’t appeal – it had too much sandalwood for me, but the other two were very close. 
There was no hard sell – after deciding the one I liked best he gave me a spritz of it on my wrist and advised me to go off for half an hour to enjoy a cup of tea and decide if that particular scent was the one for me, once it had warmed on my skin.
Before I’d even left the shop I knew what I wanted, but I trusted in his experience, and enjoyed my tea on the pier before excitedly heading back to the shop, certain that the Empressa was the one for me.
As I love layering my products I also chose the dry body oil, so that I can ensure my skin feels good and has a great layer of fragrance too.
The knowledgeable and attentive Fabio made this an exquisite experience
Fabio then proceeded to wrap my purchases in a beautiful box with plenty of tissue paper. He explained their old-fashioned ribbon tying process, which was a nod to the days when be-ribband deliveries were made without the need for bags, before encouraging me to choose my adorning ribbons and gift tags and parcelling it all up for me.
All in all it was utterly delightful
I thoroughly enjoyed the unboxing experience once I was home too – and these beautiful bottles now grace my vintage dressing table. (It’s out of direct sunlight).
Margo x


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