Jive the day away!

poster from the Jive Aces Big Jive All-Dayer

Whew! I’m exhausted 🙂 I’ve spent the weekend dancing at The Jive Aces Big Jive All-Dayer in Worthing.

For the second year running I’ve been drawn to this event at the Worthing Assembly Hall, and again I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself.poster from the Jive Aces Big Jive All-Dayer
Starting at 1pm it goes through to 1am with a mix of live bands and DJs including performances by the high energy hosting group themselves, the Jive Aces.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not that great with musical reviews – i just know what I like and if it gets me on a dance floor!
I’ll take you through some of my highlights from  dancing, performances, outfits, shopping and the delights of Worthing – who knew tea in a half pint mug glass was worth experiencing! (I might have to do a second post just on shopping 🙂

My wonderful husband has been jiving for just over a year and despite a rotten night’s sleep, was straight onto the dance floor when we arrived at 2pm. I abserlootely love dancing with him – my face hurts from smiling because I have such a good time with him.
We arrived in time to watch and dance to Stevie and the Shakedown which got us off to a flying start.

My favourites were the incredible Australian guest singer Kara Lane,  who appeared with the Jive Aces. She had such a powerful and beautiful voice with an incredible ability to hold a single note. I’d certainly see her again if I could. Rock n Roll royalty was there in the form of Gina Haley (yep Bill’s daughter). I thoroughly enjoyed her performance and it was a hard choice between wanting to dance and wanting to stand still and watch her.

I took a little video of Gina with the Jive Aces but unfortunately can’t get it to load here – but it’s on my instagram if you’d like a taste of the night.

The Jive Aces themselves were full of energy as usual and got the whole place just jumpin’. (With a purpose built sprung wooden floor the Assembly room is perfect for dancing.) It’s incredible to have the entire dancefloor packed out first with jivers then with gents and ladies doing the Charleston stroll.
Having seen the amazing Lottie B perform before I was also delighted to watch her do her thing with that saxophone. I applaud any girl who can get that much lung range whilst wearing a corset and her solo performances just blow me away with her style and you can tell that she’s loving every second of it.

Fancy a half-pint? Don’t mind if I do!

Worthing in February is not warm I can tell you! Having arrived on the Friday night we spent Saturday morning walking around the town and along the pier. Let’s just say it certainly blew out the cobwebs 🙂 and we stopped at the cafe next door to the cinema and then took a step back in time to wander through the cinema foyer and read up on its history.


Reeling at the history of this cinema which opened in 1911

I started the afternoon in a sunny combination of a Daisy gingham dress and piccallily cardigan with some lovely sunny flowers in my hair and a white sparking hair snood.
When I wasn’t dancing I was able to wander around the stalls they have where there’s lots of gorgeous dresses, jackets, shoes and accessories available both new and vintage.

The Jive Aces try to make the whole event so easy for you and really succeed – there’s a very reasonably priced bar and even better, there’s a good food stand with a great range including vegan food if that’s your thing. I enjoyed a baked potato which meant I didn’t have to venture out into the freezing cold, leaving the event behind to find something to keep me going.
(Note to self – do not drink lemonade, it will only make you burp when you dance!!)

We headed back to our hotel for a nap and a change of outfit and were back at the event for the 8pm performance of the Jive Aces and Gina. My lovely dress complete with big petticoat, was an absolute dream to dance in – very swishy!!

All dressed up for the evening’s dancing.

Alas as an old girl I couldn’t last till the 1am finish and was exhausted by 11.30pm but I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I met some lovely people to talk to between the dancing and whilst enjoying the stalls. It was also lovely  to admire the effort so many had put into their outfits – a really enjoyable event.

So I can confirm that we’ll be back next year – it’s one that’s now firmly in my calendar.

Daisy gingham dress Collectif Clothing
Cardigan and dress Vivien of Holloway
Snood GinPoodle
Bangles Splendette

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