Stepping out in style

So back in 2012 I blogged about my extensive shoe collection and how amongst those 57 pairs I was fortunate enough to have three pairs of Rocket Originals.

Well I no longer count my shoe collection (which has been culled several times) as once it hit the 70s it could  officially be classed as hoarding! But I am proud and pleased to say my supply of Rockets has significantly increased – and it’s all because they are limited editions.

Love my Rocket Originals!

There is nothing worse than the disappointment of missing out wouldn’t you say? Well RO has a policy of designing shoes from originals they purchase and then only producing a certain number and once they are gone – they are gone. Missing out is painful, let me tell you. I still dream of a certain pair!

RO doesn’t sell dance shoes or fashion shoes – they just sell great shoes …. I now own 14 pairs.
I can hear your gasps! but these are shoes that are for every occasion. Let me just say
 at this point that I’m not affiliated to, signed up with or even related to anyone at Rocket Originals – I just love their shoes and am an actual wearer of them so this is my own, honest, opinion.

Ruby shoes worth clicking your heels for!

My latest pairs are the new leather Ruby  which I bought in both the red and black. For years – and I do mean years – I’ve been waiting for RO to bring out more leather shoes in a higher heel. They seem to do three heel heights – flats, mid height wedge at 2 1/4 inch and a lovely 3inch wedge. These are the mid-height

Lots of the flat shoes have been in leather whereas the other heights tended to be in suede – but that all seems to be changing around with the latest styles. And without doubt all are in the loveliest colours – brown, yellow, green and of course red and lots more. I did manage to get a blue and a cream leather last year in the mid height Ida’s but I’ve been (im)patiently waiting for something in red or black leather in that height. I don’t care how much waterproof spray is around – I can’t bear to risk wearing my suede shoes in bad weather!

Whilst I usually fall in love with my RO straight away and can wear them all day long straight out of the box, these last pairs are taking some time and it’s to do with two things. Firstly all my other ROs have a v-shaped front which is very flattering to my feet, whereas these are curved/straight across and so I look like I have broader feet!! (Vanity oh vanity!!). Secondly they are also not as soft as suede, obviously, so are taking a little time to wear in.  But they’re a very welcome addition to my extensive collection and well worth it as they are so well made.

Like all the others they have the usual peep-toe and a new pretty cut out pattern. I think these complement both jeans and my general skirt outfits too. I’ve avoided wearing them with dresses so far as my RO collection has plenty of prettier shoes to choose from.

My collection ranges from saddle shoes (imagine old fashioned bowling shoes) which I love to wear with my Freddie’s classic jeans to my bunny tied wedges which are fantastic with my Freddie’s button jeans rolled up and course I’ve got lots of dresses and skirts which are brilliantly complimented by my higher three inch wedges. Incidentally if you’re thinking about buying jeans here’s a blog I wrote about Freddies – I’m fanatical about their jeans!!

I wear shoes from RO all the time – since I spend around 80% of my time in vintage/repro wear. So whether it’s walking round the supermarket or off to a vintage event or even really exercising at a jive class I’ll be wearing them.

You can purchase them online – it’s a very quick and efficient service. But be warned – once you start looking at the site you’ll soon discover their knitwear as I did. And that’s a whole other addiction and blog post!!

They’re also to be found at vintage festival events from the Rhythm Riot to Twinwood, which are great opportunities to see and try the styles in the flesh. Just check their website for where they’ll be next. Incidentally if you’re not sure about your sizing there’s also a handy size guide on their website too.

So if the shoe fits…. for heaven’s sake buy it in lots of colours 🙂 !!


6 thoughts on “Stepping out in style

  1. Hi sorry I see you posted this a while ago! Been looking at Rocket Original shoes online for ages. I know they state not dance shoes but did wonder what the soles were like for dancing if you know?? I’ll probably get some anyway as they’re gorgeous shoes. Great blog by the way.

    Thank you x

    1. Hi 👋 and thanks for stopping by.
      I regularly dance in my Rocket Originals.
      The soles are smooth – they get roughed up a little once you start walking around in them as shoes normally do, which stops them being too slippery on a dance floor.
      The only ones I don’t dance in are my 3inch wedge ones because I have a weak ankle from an unrelated accident years ago but the mid heel ones are fine. I’ve danced the night away being twirled on the dance floor in these and had no problems.
      Be careful – once you start buying Rockets you’ll be addicted and want more 😂

  2. Hi Viva,

    We’ve only just seen this!! We had no idea you’d mentioned us in your blog. Thanks very much; and for the lovely feedback, we really appreciate it.

    Thank you for being a good customer over the years!

    Kaye & Martin at Rocket Originals 🙂

    1. Hi Kaye and Martin
      Thanks for dropping me a line and no problem at all. Genuinely love your products – I’m forever telling people just how good they are. My poor hubby has resigned himself to yet another parcel arriving from RO on a regular basis too – he says the smile on my face is worth it!
      I look forward to seeing ever more lovely styles over the coming years.
      Best wishes xx

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