Stepping out in style

So back in 2012 I blogged about my extensive shoe collection and how amongst those 57 pairs I was fortunate enough to have three pairs of Rocket Originals. Well I no longer count my shoe collection (which has been culled several times) as once it hit the 70s it could  officially be classed as hoarding! … Continue reading Stepping out in style

The Lamours – Lola’s little (big) band kicks off.

Forget everything you know about Lola Lamour - when she performs with The Lamours it's a whole new experience - and a great one at that 🙂 I've been a fan of Lola's since I first saw her at Twinwood several years ago - it's like she stepped out of the 1940s, with perfect vintage … Continue reading The Lamours – Lola’s little (big) band kicks off.

If the shoe fits…. put it on the Bucket List!

Things to do before I die. In some ways that's not a very cheering topic I know and yet having just watched the Bucket List (with my beloved Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson 🙂 ) I am reminded of the need to make each moment count - and that means making the most of achieving … Continue reading If the shoe fits…. put it on the Bucket List!

Also available on Facebook!

Technology is a wonderful thing - keeping in touch with the blog has never been easier thanks to those handy gadgets such as Blackberry's, Iphones, Ipads, Samsung Galaxy's and anything else you can think of that comes in tablet/touchscreen form 🙂 Vintage Vapours is like a box of chocolates  - and not the Revels kind, … Continue reading Also available on Facebook!