When strangers become friends!

“We began the day as strangers and ended it as friends! – that just about sums up a day out I had at the Black Country Living Museum.

Knowing just one or two of the group I joined a large gathering of 1940s enthusiasts, who have no objection to anyone who also loves other eras, like the 1950s!, for a photo shoot at the museum.

Angels and Devils – looking pretty at Black Country Living Museum

The museum is an amazing place – literally like walking through the village that time forgot with shops and houses, a village hall, church and pub and even a cobbled street. But I freely admit that I barely took any of it in as I was having so much fun with the group. Thankfully the entrance ticket is valid for a year, so I’m definitely going back to look it over properly.

Enjoying the sunshine
The charming Devils

Ged and Sue took the most amazing pics of us all day long – (links at the bottom along with anyone I can remember who took photos) and my face hurt from smiling and not just for the camera. All day long I found myself laughing with these wonderful people who, like me, were all grateful for the opportunity to be out and about again, meeting others, sharing experiences, and feeling good about being dressed in what we consider to be appropriate attire.

Angelic Angels

I always find it mildly amusing when I’m out and about and people stare at me – to be honest I don’t tend to notice it until someone I’m with points it out to me. With such a large group of us it soon became clear that visitors to the museum considered we were part of the attractions – a “replicator” group and several times we were asked for photos and also if people could pose with us.Of course none of us had any issues with that at all! So this really is a blog piece just to show off the great photos. A very very long day but so worthwhile to have met all these lovely people.  I can’t wait until the next meeting – and next time I’m definitely leaving room for the fish and chips !

Alex and myself enjoying the day


Yana x

Photos courtesy of:
Ged Carton https://www.instagram.com/gedsworld/
Sue Evans https://www.facebook.com/sue.evans.52493
Rishi Askoolum https://www.instagram.com/1940svintagephotography/


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