Bags of style!

Anyone who knows me knows I take my accessories very seriously 🙂 My shoe collection which I’ve blogged about here is legendary, my fabulous Freddies jeans have been reviewed in depth and for some time I’ve been updating my bag collection – and quite frankly I have just got to share my latest finds with you 🙂

Once again – I’m not affiliated to anyone I blog/review – so you can rest assured that you get nothing but my honest opinion! I came across the lovely Debbie and her collection, Bags by DKJ, at the vintage event outside John Lewis, in Milton Keynes earlier this year. Like a bear to a honeypot I was drawn to her display of beautiful bags. Since I failed miserably to take any pics of her stall I have shamelessly filched her pics from her Facebook site where she shows her items, to display here and this is (obviously!) one from an outdoor event.

debbies stall

Each handmade by her, the styles vary from crossover body, to Messenger, to handbag to weekender. My eyes were drawn to a  handbag in what I like to think of as a sofa cushion cover style and also a tweed Messenger bag. Yep within five minutes I was driving the poor woman batty going back and forth between the two!!

IMG_1441Fortunately for me my beloved stepped in and bought the green one enabling me to feel thrifty with my pennies – and treat myself to the Messenger bag as well 😛 You can see me wearing it on a day out – and please note how I’ve paired it with my favourite jacket and fave Freddies jeans (remember remember accessories maketh the outfit ladeees!)

small bagAnd here’s a close up of it

 I love this bag as not only has it got bags of style, it is very well constructed with a rigid base, pockets inside which are handy for me to be able to find my phone and mirror immediately. On the outside the beige fauz suede is not just cosmetic but is also a useful pocket for train passes and timetables. I had been worried about getting that dirty but having accidentally swiped it down the side of my very wet and dirty Mondeo I was relieved to see it dry off and brush up a treat 🙂

With an adjustable strap I often switch from across the body to wearing it over the shoulder depending on what outfit I am wearing. After quite heavy usage I am delighted to find it has kept its shape, no handles have come apart and the stitching is still impeccable.

The green sofa/upholstery handbag also gets a fair share of outings as I love its shape, its colour and how well it goes with my summerwear. You can see it here from one of Debbie’s pics. I often get compliments when using these bags as their style and make up is unique. All Debbie’s items are hand made and for me that makes them pretty special and well worth an investment. Although with each being £25.00 or under I do feel I have truly got a bargain and already have my eye on the blue Harris tweed versions….


The range of bags available in such lovely shapes, colours and sizes and at such great prices is, I think, quite staggering and I am constantly thinking of ones I want, no make that NEED, to own!! –

mixed bag pic

corsagesDebbie also makes corsages. I am now the proud owner of not one but three (the red, pink AND blue) after I spotted them on a shelf at Crafty Buzzards, a lovely craft shop in Leighton Buzzard where her goods are sold.

These are so well made I have been able to pin them to head bands to accompany several of my dresses – how’s that for versatility!

casesAs if that’s not enough her range includes laptop covers, glasses cases and purses – again all beautifully made and just so different to what you can find in the usual suppliers of ipad covers!

So there you have it – my handbag collection is on the increase and I can safely say that in the not too distant future it will have several more additions from Bags by DKJ. Particularly as she has introduced a vintage-look range – how splendid are these faux suede clutch bags 🙂


Apart from the shop, Debbie can be found at many craft and vintage fairs – best bet is to either message her on Facebook or take a look at her events page there.

Now then – I have a birthday coming up soon so I wonder if my beloved will take the hint 😉


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