There’s a foot tappin boy inside this modern woman!

It’s a fact – I am a girl. 🙂 Yep I’m pretty certain that mother nature and the good lord gave me the equipment and the inclination to be a girl – yet the time has come when I’ve decided it might be better to be a boy 😛

And it’s all to do with having happy feet! You know the feeling – a great song pings onto that juke box. Something to really get your feet tapping such as Little Green Frog by Clarence Frogman Henry, or Laverne Baker’s Tweedlee Dee or perhaps a more modern number from Si Cranstoun with Coupe De Ville. Whatever it is, it rocks and you just want to get up and dance.

Tweedle Dee - Such a foot tapping quirky tune!
Tweedle Dee – Such a foot tapping quirky tune!

And that’s when the frustration really hits as not one of my family or friends has ever learnt to jive! Noticing how many “girls” always seem to hang about the dance floor hoping for a twirl it occurred to me that I could make the switch and thus significantly increase my chances of having a great time.

My dance classes are with Adrian and Sara from the Adrian Marsh School of Dance and a more fun and patient set of teachers you will have to go far to find 😉 They’re making it really easy for me to make the transition. They break down each move and repeat it with you till you get it right, mix and match new moves with old so that you are really comfortable and push you to try new things.

You will swing from frustration at your timing to annoyance with your own two left feet to giggles and helpless laughter at your interpretation of a good dance move 🙂

Dance still from official Si Cranstoun Coupe De Ville video - watch them rock n roll!
Dance still from official Si Cranstoun Coupe De Ville video – watch them rock n roll!

And I have to say I feel I was born to lead 😮 – since I’m enjoying it far more doing what I want to do on the dance floor rather than waiting for a guy to make a good dance move. Maybe I’m more of  a modern woman than I thought!


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