To tweet or not to tweet… it’s addictive!

I may be a girl with a passion for vintage but now and then I recognise and appreciate some great things from the more modern world – washing machines and tumble driers, colourful polyester and washable wool, electric curling tongs, mobile phones and of course the Internet 🙂In particular that great combination of the Iphone and the internet are one of lifes great wonders – and now I’m a blogger I thought it was time to explore that other great mystery known as Twitter.

To be honest I’ve put it off for ages thinking what on earth could be so interesting about anything that I would want to share it with the world throughout the day or even to read or follow anyone else. Well just under a month later and I now know what all the fuss is about. There is an addictive, even seductive quality to Twitter.

The ability to take snapshots of your life and want to share that moment finds you reaching for the phone – and the fine art of  juggling content and meaning in a concise 140 characters. Let’s just say that grammar goes out the window and it makes text speak seem positively the Queens English lol! I’ve been tweeting about clothing, events, music, and even motorbiking – but that’s another story!

That ping when a new tweet arrives has me reaching for my phone eager to see what is going on – and now that I’ve found some of my favourite vintage shops are in the twittersphere I love finding out what is going on with them and the latest goodies they have on offer. These include @Fredofpinewood, @ViVofHolloway and @VintageLifeMag.

I’ve also found new links to some great singers – @TheThreeBelles and @jiveaces are both acts I’ve seen at Twinwood and really enjoyed. Following them has pushed me more towards their music. I also started following @SiCranstoun after hearing his foot tapping, gotta get up and dance Lonesome Heart Bandit, (see the video) at my jive classes. He puts up get links to great new videos and I know exactly what I’ll be asking for as my Christmas prezzies 😛

There’s a whole world of vintage lovers out there on Twitter such as style icon @ApplebyJoanne and @lipstickcurls. And they open your eyes to new events, fashions, makeup and even baking tips – in fact everything that a vintage loving girl like myself could wish for.

I’m still getting the hang of sharing information (and hash tags!) – and my tweets are now linked to this blog for interested parties! I’m also pleased to say that I have gained a few followers of my own and several of my tweets have been retweeted by them 🙂

So just in case you missed the point of my post – you can follow me @VintageVapours


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