It may be splitting hairs… but it’s worth it!

After almost 40 years of attempting to grow my hair below chin length I have finally had to accept that it just doesn’t want to 😦 You may recall I posted a month or so ago about Victory rolls, pin curls or well filled snoods being just a dream for me. Well victory may yet be snatched from the jaws of defeat lol!

My fave hairdresser Sylvia, manageress and most senior stylist at Plush Experience, came to my rescue with her skills at inserting hair extensions. Many moons ago I tried extensions and pretty much hated them straight away – Sylvia will probably remember the hours of fun we had putting them in only for me to ring her three days later begging her to take them out! The extensions were black and down to my middle back and just unmanageable for me 😦

But I am older and wiser and had a better idea of how I wanted to look afterwards. Working with my ideas on what I wanted to use my new look for, Sylvia inserted several rows in two colours to go with the semi-permanent colour I usually wear.

Splitting hairs? who cares if you can go from short to long!

Et voila! wow – what a transformation for me. I have to say I was (and still am) delighted with the new look which I am finding fairly easy to manage although am suffering a little with dry ends (am off to Plush this week to get some tips ;-))

And how has this transferred to a vintage look? Well after hours (and I do mean hours) scouring Youtube videos I have been having a go and am not too displeased with my first attempts.

My first attempt at a vintage look

I say “first” when what I actually mean is about eighth or ninth attempt but in my first afternoon at trying to do this. And what did I learn – don’t buy cheap bobby pins as the bobbles come off and they then hurt when you stick them in your head! And use hairspray as if it’s going out of fashion 😛 I strongly suspect I will be adding a travelsize of the old Elnett to my handbag!

It’s not perfect but I am happy with my attempt and am sure it will get better with practise. In the meantime I am happy to go out in public with it. So am off to dinner – will let you know how I get on!


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